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Friday, October 25, 2013

Working Hard at The Office?

Boston Brewing's CEO Jim Koch with Beer Nut Larry Deahl

The Office on Rt. 22 in Bridgewater and I will be co-sponsoring its first-ever blind beer tasting on Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 7 PM. Manager Scott Van Guilder and I will combine our resources to provide attendees with ten different beers, as well as assorted munchies throughout the evening. 

A special Beer Tasting Primer will precede the event, because you will have to know how to evaluate beer without knowing its brand name. You can get a headstart by clicking on this
"Beer Sense" link .
Scott will present ten different beers, along with rating sheets which will record your scores in the four different sensory areas that the pros use to judge beer. It should be a fun night--especially when the results are revealed.  We'll have lots of fun along the way, too, as Scott will be handing out all kinds of goodies and favors and I'll be showing some home movies from 1987.

And what's the cost of this extravaganza? $75? $60? $50? $40?
Just 14 measly bucks. 
You heard right. 
Just $14. 

Because Scott, a dedicated Beer Nut, is trying to alert the beer drinkers of the region that his tap and bottle choices, as well as his food at this Office location are worthy of your continued attention and patronage. In fact, there's a promo on this page that will give you 10% off your entire bill just for bringing The PubScout page in anytime. Except for special events--like this one. 

But hey, 10% is 10%.  A table full of pubbers who run up a bill of $4,000 would see $400 of that knocked right off! Can't beat that with a stick.

In any event, call The Office and let them know you want in to their First-Ever Blind Beer Tasting. Seating will be limited and other beer-loving groups have already staked out a chunk of territory. At least one of the groups has some extremely hot-looking ladies in it. Well, hot to me, anyway.

Oh, and "blind" doesn't mean you'll be blindfolded. (Hell, you couldn't enjoy the aforementioned ladies that way.) The beers will be numbered and only Scott and I will know what brand is being evaluated at any one time.

We may discover that Corona Light was the group's favorite! 
(Nah. That's not gonna happen.)

Hope to see you there!

The PubScout

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