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Friday, April 10, 2009

Uno's May Beer Dinner Reserving Now

The success of Uno's last beer dinner has prompted organizers to start taking reservations early for the next one--which is set for May 18. Lenny (if you have to ask, "Lenny who?" you need to get to Uno's more) anticipates 40-50 people, based upon early RSVP's. In fact, the now-famous Back Room may have its doors thrown open to the outside air to accommodate revelers who wish to dine in the evening air of Spring.

Once again, Moshe, fresh off his culinary debut, will handle the menu preparation duties. Mike Sella and I will make the beer list.

The word is there will be prizes and surprises galore, jovial camaraderie and the usual general kibitzing. Chit-cheating, however will be observed far more carefully than it was last time so as to neutralize the Black Market for the Grand Prize.

This one could be a Spring-Wing-Dinger. Mark the date. Make your reservation by calling 732-548-7979‎.

Cheers till next time!
The PubScout

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get off at this Exit!

If you like good beer--good Jersey Beer--check out the link below to Flying Fish's new line of big beers!


Exit Series