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Monday, November 26, 2007

The James D'heron Memorial Foundation

Jimmy D's story is a powerful and heroic one--so much so that a beer--Jimmy D's Firehouse Red--was created in his memory by Brewmaster Matt McCord at the Harvest Moon brewpub in New Brunswick, NJ.

If you've never been to the Moon when they celebrate Jimmy's life, you're missing an incredible event. This year's bash is on January 20, 2008. But here's a hint: get there early--and tell them The PubScout sent you! But there's even an uspide to getting there gets so crowded, you couldn't fall down if you tried!

Explore the site, learn about Jimmy D and the great work going on in his memory, and check out the events! See you there!


The James D'heron Memorial Foundation

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Box of Beer? Novel idea!

Beer in a boxdOur friends at the Ship Inn (NJ's FIRST brewpub, located in Milford, NJ) have come up with a way to buy fresh beer in bulk and keep it fresher longer...

Take  a box of freshly brewed Milford Ale .
Our Price:   5 liter   $17 
                   10 liter  $27
What we like about the new Boxes of Beer:
More Beer: the 5 liter box works out to around $2.00 per pint . It's even less for the 10 liter box.
Lasts Longer after Opening:
The collapsible bag inside allows you to pour the beer without letting in air. The flavor will keep for weeks rather than days. it's perfect for our cask- conditioned ale.
Toss the box when you're finished. Keep the tap for your next box.

Visit the site at

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blast from the Past

 USA Today writes up The PubScout at the start of his career!

Breaking Beer News!





on Wednesday, November 28, owners Kevin Finn, Kevin Davies and Mark Edelson of Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant will celebrate the opening of their newest location on the 781 Block of Harrisburg Pike, across from Franklin & Marshall College's campus, with a festive toast.  Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Baldrige, Franklin & Marshall Vice President for Administrative Services and External Affairs Keith Orris and James Street Improvement District Deputy Director Marshall Snively, along with the Iron Hill founders, will join together in pouring the first beer from the award-winning brewery.  The restaurant will open for business at 5 pm.


"We're simply thrilled to be opening in our latest location in Lancaster," says Finn. "We pride ourselves with creating a comfortable, casual, worry and hurry-free dining experience for our customers. These simple standards are the key to our success."


After the "first pour," all PRESS are invited to enjoy a complimentary dinner featuring Iron Hill's inventive menu of New American cuisine and award-winning handcrafted brews.


For press who wish to attend the First Pour and then sit down for dinner, please rsvp to or call 215.985.2106 by Tuesday, November 27, so that we can make a reservation.


Monday, November 19, 2007

You're the Pro!

Beer is not an elitist beverage, and you don't need someone else to tell you what you should like. If you enjoy it, that's enough. What's more, you can tell everyone else why you liked a particular beer by going to

Membership is free, and the site is LOADED with information about beers. Don't delay...just go! It's fun and informative. Maybe you'll come across the beer that will make this holiday at your house a memorable one!

(Just don't get cocky and think you can have MY job....)

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

 You might need to settle down with a good Old Chub (Oskar Blues), Old Fezziwig(SA) or Oatmeal Stout after this....

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