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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Box of Beer? Novel idea!

Beer in a boxdOur friends at the Ship Inn (NJ's FIRST brewpub, located in Milford, NJ) have come up with a way to buy fresh beer in bulk and keep it fresher longer...

Take  a box of freshly brewed Milford Ale .
Our Price:   5 liter   $17 
                   10 liter  $27
What we like about the new Boxes of Beer:
More Beer: the 5 liter box works out to around $2.00 per pint . It's even less for the 10 liter box.
Lasts Longer after Opening:
The collapsible bag inside allows you to pour the beer without letting in air. The flavor will keep for weeks rather than days. it's perfect for our cask- conditioned ale.
Toss the box when you're finished. Keep the tap for your next box.

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