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Monday, January 26, 2009


Obama's got his Blackberry, and I've got mine



The news out of DC recently is that President Obama got to keep his precious Blackberry, albeit in a version that is super-souped up with all sorts of security gadgets. I haven't seen it, but it might look like one of those AWAC planes with the oversized dinner plate on the roof to accommodate those security features.

My Blackberry is different, but if BO is a good beer fancier, I'm betting he'd like my Blackberry, too. Because mine comes from Sam Adams, and the only security involved comes from the brewers who have crafted this outstanding witbier. Believe me, they can be trusted.

It's called Blackberry Witbier, in fact, and it's darned good, as are most of the beers that spring from Jim Koch's brewery. I know, I know. It's winter, dude. Why are you drinking a witbier? The explanation is simple.

The missus came home one day after visiting (for her Budweiser, I'm almost embarrassed to admit) a local liquor locker with a huge craft beer collection. She saw this wit, and knowing my propensity for trying new beers, she picked up a sixer. Wives can be wonderful creatures, can't they?

Witbiers are usually reserved for warmer weather in my house, and with the temps in the teens and lower (if there's such a thing as global warming, send some now!), a fruit-laced wit might seem out of place. But one of the wonderful things about beer is that there are no rules when it comes to enjoyment. What you like, you like. And I like.

To be sure, the label notes that this beer would not settle for just ANY blackberry. Only Marion Blackberries from Oregon
could provide the subtle flavor Koch and his brewers sought. Now, not being a blackberry devotee (including the electronic variety), I couldn't tell the difference between a Marion Blackberry
and a Regular Old Blackberry, but whatever they put in this brew works beautifully. I'll raise a glass to Oregon.

Crisp, refreshing and possessed of a nose that turns heads when you open a bottle, Blackberry Witbier brought a hint of summer to my Jersey Winter. A tad cloudy, as is the style's wont, but with a subtle hint of fruit that complements, yet does not overpower, the wheat notes, this delightful beer will grace any summer barbecue.

It was quite a refreshing change from my normal fare of Kilt-Lifters, Troegenators, Belgian Tripels and Three Philosphers type winter brews. And it comes in regular 12 oz. bottles, so you don't have to feel guilty about drinking a whole bomber bottle of the high octane stuff—not that I ever feel guilty. But sometimes, like after a high school wrestling match where I've yelled my throat dry, a beer-bloke just wants some refreshment, not an epiphany. And SA Blackberry Witbier answers the call.

You can be sure that this baby will be in the PubScout's fridge come summer when Global Warming shows up for real. And if the new Prez ever needs a break from the daunting tasks before him, he'd be well advised to send Michelle out for a sixer the next time she goes shopping. Not that that will happen anytime soon, because the POTUS and the FLOTUS probably don't get to go shopping anymore.

But whoever's in charge of the beer locker at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will score big with the new boss if SA's Blackberry Witbier is in the House.