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Friday, October 4, 2013

Hop-Happy Hub City to Greet WOB

New Brunswick, NJ has no dearth of great beer bars. Harvest Moon Brewpub, Old Bay, Old Man Rafferty's, Tumulty's and Stuff Yer Face are just a few that make New Brunswick a solid beer destination.
But come Monday, October 14, the Hub City will welcome a new kid on the George Street block--World of Beer.

According to their promo page,"There's A Whole Lotta Beer Here." 500 beers from 40 different countries to be precise.

There's even an app available for keeping track--or score. Their Loyalty Card Program rewards the Beer-Nut for trying new beers.

On paper, it looks to be a great destination.

Of course, being committed to the scene as Yours Truly is, he will be venturing forth to review it on Opening Day. Perhaps we'll find a lucky WOB Winner somewhere in the house soon after.

Or maybe we'll just look out back.

Perhaps we'll experience the birth of  WOB, hoist a few pints and get the lay of the land?

See you there!

The PubScout

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