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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mr. Percello Goes to Washington

Chris and Natalie--moving on
Uno's Brewer Chris Percello will be saying goodbye to his Metuchen digs--and a host of friends-- after his last Cask Fest next Saturday, Oct. 26. Percello, who assumed the reins from longtime Brewmeister Mike Sella a couple of years ago, will be heading to a new venture called Right Proper Brewing in the nation's capital on October 28.

The Beer Cognoscenti at a Percello Cask Fest
Percello leaves a healthy beer heritage at the Rt. 1 South pub. His Cask Fests drew lots of fans because of the beers he brought to the table--including his own. A prodigy of Brewmeister Dave Hoffman, Chris's beers were applauded and enjoyed by Beer Geeks and Newbies alike. Just as importantly, his beer dinners raised the bar for whoever comes in to fill his boots.

The Regulars
We'll miss him, for sure, but we wish him and Natalie the best in this new chapter of their lives. Right Proper's gain is our loss.
As to who will fill his shoes, we'll keep you posted as we learn.

Good luck and thanks, Chris!
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