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Monday, October 14, 2013

Time to Celebrate!

As some of my faithful followers may know, my writing was recently honored by The North American Guild of Beer Writers at their recent conclave in Denver, CO at the Great American Beer festival. This story about Mike Proske at Tapastre in Somerville earned a 2nd Place award, and I am humbled by the honor. There are a lot of very good writers in the beer world. To be considered among them is a reason to celebrate.

But far be it from me to celebrate alone. If you look above, there is a new graphic on my blog. I have recently partnered with The Office Beer Bar and Grill on Rt. 22 in Bridgewater to provide my readers with a 10% discount on their beer AND food--good any time!

There is no fee attached to this. 
No strings of any kind. 
No membership to purchase or renew. 

All you need to do is to click on any story, then print out the page. (If you don't click on a single story, you could get more pages than you were banking on, and printer ink ain't cheap.)

Then bring the printed page to the good folks over at The Office Beer Bar and Grill on Rt. 22 West in Bridgewater. Show it to your server, tell him or her you read The Pubscout's Blog and he or she will take TEN percent off your bill! Beer AND food! Bringing a large group? Bring a coupon--get 10% off. Hey, money's money.

Doesn't get easier. Each time you visit bring a new coupon and get a new discount. (As a courtesy to the good server, it would be nice to leave your tip based upon what the bill would have been.)

There will be lots of opportunities to visit, too. The Office has an astounding array of beers thanks to the efforts of Manager Scott Van Guilder, who knows a thing or two about our favorite beverage.

Together, we're planning a Beer-Tasting 101 Education session for November 12 where you'll be instructed in the skill of how to properly taste a beer. It's perfect for those who enjoy beer and for those just learning about it.

Scott will have ten beers for you to sample, and he's throwing in munchies as well. The cost? Just $12.

Then we're planning a special beer dinner in early December. More details will follow on that baby, so stay tuned. But it will be special, for sure.

It's Scott's attempt to make you familiar with his great tavern tucked on the side of Rt. 22 near Thompson Ave., and what it offers in terms of good beer and good food.

So come on in. Bring the coupon. Get a discount and get comfortable. Stay awhile.
And if you stay later than expected, you can always tell your significant other that you were "Working Late at The Office."

And you won't be lying.

The PubScout

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