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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Grass Not growing Under "Hoss's" Feet

Some time back, I reported on a most unusual beer dinner held at the Stirling Hotel. It was a "Colorado Craft Beer and Game Dinner," and it went over fabulously. It was a definite team effort, but Beer Manager Dan Schneider was assuredly the head coach. I likened Dan to Dan Blocker (Hoss) of Bonanza fame in the run up story, because the back grounds of the misleadingly small facade of the Stirling Hotel resembled The Ponderosa--complete with chickens.

Apparently, "Hoss" Schneider is not letting the Ponderosa grass grow under his feet, because he and his team are already launching their second beer dinner--and in less than a month from their wildly successful first.

This one is a New England themed beer dinner with beers and dishes all having roots in that region. Check out this menu:

If the beers, food and service are anything like what we experienced at the Colorado Beer and Game Dinner, it should be a memorable night.

And to make it even more memorable, "Hoss" has decided to open his BEER dinner with a welcoming dish of Oyster Amuse Bouche
accompanied by Barr Hill GinHe's even got a cider paired up with the entree. I mean, who does that at a BEER dinner?

Actual presentation may differ
Apparently, a guy who's not only thinking outside the box, but inside the bottle. Schneider says, "We're big fans of small-batch spirits, and oysters and gin are a classic pairing. We're trying to honor tradition while forging ahead at the same time." 

If you want to forge ahead with him, it'd be a good idea to order your tickets early. The last dinner sold out in 72 hours. The dinner is set for February 23 at 7 PM, and tickets are $80, including tax and gratuity. If you have any questions or to reserve a ticket, contact the Stirling Hotel.

Gin to open up a beer dinner, and a cider with the entree...I can't wait to see if this gamble pays off. 
'Course, judging by Hoss's past performance, I ain't a-bettin' agin him...

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