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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trap Rock/Founders to Collaborate on O-fest dinner

Charlie Schroeder and his special cake

If you've ever been to the Trap Rock Restaurant and Brewery in Berkeley Heights, NJ, I really don't need to say any more than there's a Beer Dinner on October 1.
With the ambience of an English Country house, a kitchen that offers up some exceptional fare and Charlie Schroeder brewing some outstanding beer, a visit alone is worth the trip.

But this time, they will work in conjunction with Founders Brewing Co. to produce another beer dinner. If past is prologue, no one will be disappointed. Here's their presser:

Reservations now Open for the Octoberfest Beer Dinner

Reservations for the next Trap Rock Beer Dinner are now being taken. 
Since Tuesday, 2/3 of the seats available have already been reserved. 
Complete information about the dinner, including the number of seats remaining, 
is available on the Beer Dinner website at .
To make a reservation, call the Trap Rock at (908) 665-1755.
The date for the beer dinner is Tuesday, October 1st, 2013.
The guest brewer will be Founders Brewing, Grand Rapids, MI. 

“We don’t brew beer for the masses. 
Instead, our beers are crafted for a chosen few, 
a small cadre of renegades and rebels 
who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is 
commonly accepted as taste. 
In short, we make beer for people like us.”

                                                       The menu theme for the evening 

will be Octoberfest. 
Currently, the beer dinner 
website shows last year's menu. 
This will be updated 
when this year's menu is prepared.
Please mark the above 
date on your calendar 
and pass the word to any of 
your beer-loving friends 
who might be interested in joining in.

Consider it done.

The PubScout

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