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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Break Out the Lederhosen

There are some beer dinners that are absolutely "Don't Miss" affairs, and this is one of them. From its humble inception seven years ago till now, the guest list has grown exponentially--so much so that "The Petes" actually considered having this Fest span two full days. The event now sees 115 fans in the seats, making it the largest Beer Dinner event in the state.
And why wouldn't it be? Look at the ingredients:

  • Brewmeister Dave Hoffman
  • Executive Chef Steve Farley
  • The Petes
  • The Petes' "Daughters"
  • The Artisan's Dirndl Beauties
  • That Special Artisan Ambiance
  • The Artisan Oom-Pah Band

Ein Prosit!
And one other I can't remember.
Ah, no matter.
It will come to me when I get there on Friday, October 11 at 7PM.
I know it's a month away, but call Artisan's to make your reservation (732-244-7566), as this baby packs out quickly.

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