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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hoolie of Biblical Proportions at the House

Noah-Lazarus-Job O'Donovan
Barry O'Donovan was his usual friendly, garrulous self at the 5th Anniversary celebration of the Kilkenny House in Cranford--an anniversary that some doubted would ever come after Hurricane Irene filled the pub with water to the first floor.

Not having seen him in some time, I went to embrace him, but he begged off and said, "Don't hug me; I've got the shingles."

Maybe Barry should change his name to Job. Or Noah. Or Lazarus.
Noah rebuilds his flooded pub--sans flood insurance--and brings it back from the dead--like Lazarus--against all odds.
Then he plans a week-long celebration, culminating in a Halfway-to- St.Paddy's Day Hoolie last evening, and God smites him--like Job-- with shingles.

But he moved around the place he calls "his living room" with a facility that belied his condition. Smiling and clapping to the Irish Step Dancers you can view here and here, he was in his usual leprechaun persona, enjoying, exhorting and enchanting everyone. By the way, that one step dancer in the black outfit is a World Qualifier.

He is nothing if not grateful for the opportunity to rebuild and stay in his adopted hometown of Cranford. Check out his short cameo here.

But beyond offering advice to publicans as to how to treat their customers, he did have a suggestion about the shingles.

 "Don't get them. Get the shot."

Duly noted, Barry. Congrats and Slainte!

Cheers! The PubScout

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