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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Magic at McGillin’s

It’s Philly Beer Week, and while that means many things to many people, to The PubScout it means a trip to the one “must-visit pub” in the City of Brotherly Love—McGillin’s Old Ale House.
Parking is sometimes a problem around Philly’s oldest pub, especially when Drury St. is being both gutted and blocked by a massive bulldozer in mid-street. But a very nifty automated, computerized parking system just ten steps from the old pub makes it easy, if not necessarily cheap, to park. Pull into a small “garage,” shut your car off, put the e-brake on, take your keys and lock it. Then tap a computer screen a few times, swipe your credit card and take your registration slip of paper. The car gets sucked up into the “Mother Ship” and comes down again when you’re ready to leave. Just scan your bar code and the car appears from behind a door. Freakin’ magical, if you ask me.

And all to facilitate your stay at “Ma” McGillin’s, the museum-like home of a plethora of good beers and fantastic pub-grub. During Philly Beer Week, the offerings can boggle not only your mind, but Chris Mullins’ as well. Still, the friendliness and sincere welcome for which McGillin’s is known far and wide never falters and never fails to please. It’s part of that old McGillin’s Magic, an attraction so powerful it can suck whole bulldozers up to the front door. Let me tell you, when those babies are cranking, they make heap big noise.
Loud enough to drive a man to drink, which is fine with Chris and the McGillin’s crew, I’m sure. Personally, I require no such persuasion to be driven to have a seat at the historic old bar and quaff.
I just have to know it’s open and convenient to cool parking. See you there.

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