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Friday, October 5, 2012

"Beer Nuts" term takes on new meaning...

Picked up this little tidbit from CNBC US Business Edition:

"3. No Bull — Denver Brewery Makes Ballsy Beer: It takes a lot of guts to turn an April Fool’s joke into reality. In the case of Denver’s Wynkoop Brewery, it takes a lot of balls. Denver’s oldest brew pub and craft brewery is releasing Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, which as the name implies is made with "Rocky Mountain Oysters" aka bull testicles. The beer is described as a “special ultra-limited release” and will be available at the brewpub and at the Great American Beer festival which kicks off next week. According to Wynkoop’s Marty Jones, the beer is 7 percent alcohol by volume and 3 BPB “balls per barrel.” The beer was originally announced on April 1 of this year as a joke, but after consumers kept asking for a taste, it has become a reality six months later."

Of course, actually acquiring the raw materials can be problematic...but beer nuts ( pun intended) will go to great lengths for their beer. Just how much they are willing to sacrifice remains to be seen.

Now go have a ball.

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