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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enjoying Hermit-hood

Science has long confirmed the link between good health and beer in moderation. As if in counterpoint to that data comes this news. Having already discussed this issue here, as well as having offered a solution, there is no need to repeat myself.

But sometimes these health folks persist with a perceived threat and go a bit too far with their own remedies, as the article above will prove. According to it, the best way to enjoy the outdoors is to eat garlic and drink apple cider vinegar? 

Seriously? A diet like that will keep more than mosquitoes away, bunky.

But I did learn a new phrase: "off-gassing."
Through your skin.

My old-fashioned "off-gassing" was one of the main reasons the missus would remand me to the porch to begin with.

But that was OK, because I'd bring a cigar with me.
And there was nary a mosquito in the area who would venture into that chemical fog.

Which allowed me to enjoy my beer in peace.

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