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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Summer of Our Discontent

Being a beer lover who drinks responsibly usually doesn't have many downsides. You visit great pubs, drink good beer and usually meet great people. But apart from the increase in adipose tissue and dreaded DUI threat--which a responsible beer lover usually does not encounter--there is one major PITA for beer lovers during summer.

The Mosquito.

Because according to a recent story, mosquitoes are beer lovers, too. Of course, there are other factors which may make you a more likely target for the annoying bugs, and the story delineates what they are. The bad news is that if you are a beer drinker, you're a target just like those other potential victims, and if you have more "attractants," you're an even bigger target.

To make matters worse, we've all been hearing about this summer's more ferocious, voracious mosquitoes. 

And only female mosquitoes, despite their sometimes innocent appearance like those above, bite humans.

What to do? Simple. Drink your beer in the comfy confines of your home or a cool dark pub. Avoid the patio, porch and other outdoor venues until, at least, October.

Cheers! (SLAP!)
The PubScout

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