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Monday, August 5, 2013

Ridge Tavern To Morph Into "Upscale" Restaurant

I saw this note on Facebook from the hard-working and affable Steve Prince, the manager of the Ridge Tavern in Basking Ridge: 

To my Facebook Fans

It is truly with a great deal of sadness that I bring you this news. Despite the tremendous amount of effort put forth by myself and my staff, we have not been able to achieve the sales levels that we had hoped for and projected. Ownership feels that a conceptual change is necessary and will begin renovations shortly with plans to open a more upscale dining establishment. 

I wish to personally thank you for your support and I know that I speak for my staff as well when I say that it has been a pleasure to know and serve you.
Our last day of operation will be on or about August 15. 

Sad to see this classic tavern change directions, but good luck to Steve, who tried like heck to make it a good beer destination with great food. Let's hope the good beer stays as part of the bar menu.

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