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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winging It at Tapastre

As a big fan of Mike Proske and Tapastre in Somerville, I signed up for an event last Sunday that, for all intents and purposes, was my very first “Wing-Off.”

Proske and Augie Carton of Carton Brewing had a throwdown involving the wings that emerge from Proske’s kitchen and those prepared by Augie himself.

There were four types of wings available--two from each proprietor. 

Augie & Sons...
Vietnamese Caramel Ginger Wings (T), Buffalo Wings (C), Firebomb Habanero (T) Wings and Silly Hot Wings (C) graced my plate. Joining those culinary offerings were a variety of Carton’s exceptional beers--of which five kegs were kicked. Not bad for a laid-back Sunday afternoon.

The Vietnamese Caramel Ginger Wings from new chef Carlton Greenawalt were my first sampling and they were exquisite. It was no surprise to this writer that they won “Best in Show.” Tasty, sweet and flavorful, they should be a regular menu item; and since Proske has taken my suggestions on this score before, I’d look to see them offered.
Mike and Pat enjoy the Wing-Off at Tapastre

The rest of the wing offerings were of various degrees of hotness. The Buffalo Wings were good, the Firebomb Habaneros (which gave me some trepidation) were better and the Silly Hots were, well, silly hot. Sneaky buggers, though, as the Hots weren’t initially all that overpowering. Not a fan of overpowering heat, my initial bites were very tasty and not overly hot at all. But I’m guessing that once on the palate, the Ghost Peppers used in their production kicked into high gear.

For a long time.

Which is why I’m just getting around to writing about the event today.

Carton Brewer Jesse chats with Guests
Close to fifty people showed up for the contest, using inside and outdoor seating, and all I spoke with were effusive in their praise.

Proske, it seems, has a knack for marketing as well as a knack for selecting great beers for his unique tapas restaurant.

Tapastre is a beer and food lover’s dream, which is why, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back. And I’m hoping those Vietnamese Caramel Wings are on the menu.


Unknown said...

Spent time reading your blog today. I really enjoyed it. Solid knowledge base and very funny... that's a great combo.
I appreciate your hard work in keeping the blog, and your fun & informative writing style.
Thanks so much.

Kurt Epps-The PubScout said...

Much appreciated, Michael! Thanks for reading!