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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Calling Jon Taffer: Your Assistant is in the House!

So there I was, at the comfortable bar in Isaac Newton's Pub, after Part One of an exhilarating motorcycle ride on another sparkling two-wheel day, enjoying a delicious Stone Farking Wheaton WootStout, and playing with my iPhone, Facebook and Twitter. when she came in.
She was petite, blond and looked about twenty-three.

Andrea Lynn
"Is anyone sitting here?" she asked, pointing to the seat next to me.
"Nope," says I, surprised that such a comely lass would venture so close to a grizzled old guy in a patch-emblazoned motorcycle vest.
And she climbed up on the barstool. I went back to posting FaceBook and Twitter pictures of this outstanding 13% collaboration beer (which speaks volumes about my geezer priorities), and she ordered hers.

"I'd like some Lindemann's Framboise in the bottom of an Allagash White, " she told Tim Gannon, the barman.

That got my attention. What twenty-three year-old gal even knows about Lindemann's, let alone Allagash?

After she took a few sips, I turned to her and asked, "Excuse me, miss. But that's a very unusual combination. I write about beer, and I never heard that ordered before. Why did you order that?"
"Plain beer isn't sweet enough, and the Framboise makes it better."

One of the signs for beer...
Thus began a conversation which revealed Andrea Lynn to be quite as unusual as her beer choice. A TCNJ grad, she studied signing (she showed me some interesting various signs for beer), but her budding bar career seems to be getting first dibs on her life. After making her bartender bones at Chickie's and Pete's and tending bar at Park's Casino, she is a bar manager for a local athletic club. She is now "getting more heavily into beer" and is very involved in the Lower Bucks County beer scene.

She lives near Vault Brewing in Yardley, PA, and she has a special arrangement with Vault, allowing her to serve it exclusively in her club. She claims, "I'm in love with their Victoria's Secret IPA--and I hate IPA's." Lynn says their Sweet Potato Ale on Nitro is to die for, but getting it is not easy. "They can't make enough of their beer," she says. "It's so good, they run out of everything. I'm lucky they deliver just to me."

John Taffer gets in your face...
An ardent fan of TV's Bar Rescue and its star Jon Taffer, she claims that Taffer has been inspirational to her, and that watching the show has done much to help educate her in her own business--which is helping bars to get up and running. She purchased and uses Taffer's Pour System, and trains all her bartenders via that tool. Her dream job, she says, would be to become Taffer's personal assistant. Taffer's wife Nicole may have something to say about that, however.

I don't know if Taffer reads The PubScout's columns (if he doesn't
--he should), but with Andrea working (and worshipping) at his side, he might not yell as much.

Meeting and chatting with Andrea Lynn at Isaac Newton's proves--once again-- the point of this blog: Good Pubs, Good Beer, Good People.

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