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Friday, May 18, 2012

Paul Mulshine sends props this way

Paul Mulshine ( that's him on the left ) and I have shared a beer or twain on many occasions. If you've read his columns you might be able to deduce that we share a conservative political bent as well. But this column eschews politics for something far more important--how to enjoy your beer. And, as you can readily see, how such a skill attracts beautiful women.

While yours truly humbly thanks Paul for conferring upon me the title of Beer Expert  (Dave Hoffman goes beyond beer expert to Master Brewer), I must reiterate that Everyman and Everywoman is a beer expert.

A beer drinker drinks beer. The difference between a beer drinker and a beer expert is that a beer expert knows why he drinks a certain beer, and there are many reasons that can apply. As long as the reason is not that it's $9.99 a case, you're pretty much an expert.

The video Beer Sense that Paul (the cerevisaphile, not the conservative) included in his column has been here in the top right hand corner of the blog since our PubScout Tasting in October. But now that it's hit the pages of, we can say we've gone "big time." We are now waiting for the guest appearance and job offers to start pouring in.

Might as well have a few beers while we wait.

I owe Paul a few beers for his kind gesture, so I may have to travel down to Point Pleasant soon to pay up. Of course, we'll have to be finished by midnight in that lovely shore town, or else we turn into a Pumpkin Ale or something.

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