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Monday, May 14, 2012

ECBC's KBA: Super Session Suds

The boys (Merk, Brian and Tom) at East Coast Brewing Company, based out of Pt. Pleasant, NJ have now filled in their collective beer resumes. Nestled neatly in between their delicious flagship Beach Haus Pilsner and their tasty black lager called Winter Rental is the newest member of the suds club called Kick Back Ale or KBA.

A beautiful amber beer with more malt and caramel than hops, this 5.5% brew is a perfect session beer. That's not to say discerning beer nuts won't notice the Horizon and Summit hops. But if you like your beer on the smooth side, KBA deserves your attention.

Brewer Tom P. dropped off some samples as reported here earlier, and along with the visiting Malt Mavens of Montclair State University, we did a tasting, though not a formal, paper review as we did many months ago. KBA got exceedingly high marks on color, nose, mouthfeel and finish from all the testers.

As the name indicates, this is a brew you can kick back with, maybe around a campfire or firepit at sunset as the weather gets nicer, or with friends to watch the NHL Eastern Conference Finals.

Come to think of it, with a name like Kick Back, what goalie wouldn't like this beer?
The PubScout gives it a thumbs up.


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