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Thursday, September 3, 2015

As The Krogh Flies...

After a beautiful ride on clean, two-lane, twisty blacktop in Northwest Jersey, I stopped for lunch the other day in Lake Mohawk, aka Sparta, NJ. It is no accident that the stop put me in front of one of my of my favorite places in Sparta --Krogh's Brewpub. 

As usual, I had an outstanding BLT and an excellent complement to it, Brogden Meadow Pale Ale.

I also got to chatting a bit with affable owner Bob Fuchs and his beer-knowledgeable son/bartender, Matt. 

Since I promised to keep the substance of that chat quiet (for the moment), I don't think I'm breaching confidentiality by sharing this with you:

BIG changes are coming to the quaint pub at lakeside that will significantly alter the brewing landscape in Northwest Jersey. The news will be shared as soon as Bob Fuchs gives me the signal. 

Until then, head on up to the sign of the crow and enjoy the consistency in food and brew for which they are famous. 

And don't worry. This quintessential pub is not going anywhere.

Which, I suppose, is as good a bit of news as beer and pub lovers could want.

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