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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Captain Craic's Crew: Picking Up Where They Left Off

Well, that certainly didn't take long. After two months of a self-imposed hiatus from the Beer Senate feature at Hailey's Harp and Pub, Captain Craic (Chris Flynn) and his crew hit the ground running.

The first Beer Senate of the season was dubbed a "Tier Senate" because Southern Tier was in the house and on the menu with four beers for the thirsty Senators to evaluate. Harvest, Tier de Garde, IPA and the classic Pumking were poured to complement Moshe's always-interesting menu.

Ann and Ken--Beer Senate Newbies
A Pasta Pesto made with butter-braised brats and arugula (which added some delightful pepperiness) came out to Harvest, described as an ESB, but, like its forbear from England, Bass Ale, technically an IPA. It was a great, well-balanced beer which could easily qualify as sessionable, albeit with an ABV of 6.9%. No matter. The match worked very well.

The traditional wing course was a Poblano/Mole coated offering that matched up with Tier de Garde--new to The PubScout--but an exceptional beer. So exceptional, in fact, that it lost out to the 800-lb. Beerilla in the house--Pumking--by just one vote as the best beer of the night. Yours truly had them tied at the end of the evaluation.

A regular IPA also appeared, and it was not the mouth-puckering variety so beloved by today's younger beer nuts, but it was certainly drinkable and had a nice little hop bite at the back end.

Of course, Southern Tier saved its flagship beer--Pumking-- for last to accompany a remarkable dessert one Senator described as, well, "orgasmic." She shall remain nameless to prevent sex-maniac challengers from deluging her with offers. It should come as no surprise that Pumking is responsible for 20% of ST's total beer sales year round.

Rob Muscatello
Worth noting, also, was the excitement level of the thirty-five returning Senators. Usually, the guest speaker (in this case, ST's Rob Muscatello), gets to speak to a relatively attentive crowd up until, say, the third beer pouring. Last night, the din from the Senators began when Rob rose to speak, and never receded. Rob's a nice guy, but the only time I actually heard what he said was while he was standing next to me. He also brought some special beers for tasting--a 2014 version of Pumking and The Warlock, ST's outstanding Pumpkin Stout. 

And then a hush fell over the crowd. But that was only because they wanted to hear Rob call the numbers on the raffle tickets.

Kent and Rena

As usual, I got to meet some nice folks, and Anne, Ken, Kent and Rena were happy to participate in their first-ever Beer Senate. I doubt it will be their last, though they may ask for a table closer to the guest speaker next time.

In sum, another success for Captain Craic, Moshe and the Brew Crew. The next Senate in October is dubbed "Masquerade" and will feature a totally blind tasting.

First deaf, now blind.
Should be interesting.

The PubScout

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