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Friday, September 18, 2015

Slam, Bam, Thank you, Ma'am!

Der Braumeister, Dave Hoffman
He's one of a kind, for sure. And I doubt that anyone anywhere knows more about beer than he does. Or has as much passion for it.

So I took advantage of a rare Friday night off to pay a visit to the Climax Brewery's weekly Tour and Beer Tasting. The place was packed--even more than usual-- with beer nuts, Cub Scouts, Band Parents and others helping to raise some money for the Roselle Park HS Marching Band. There was music and beer instruction, but most importantly, there was beer. And it was flowing freely.

Climax Brewing is the oldest microbrewery in the state of NJ, and Dave Hoffman, the Father of NJ's Microbrew Scene, has been making some amazing beers since it opened in his dad's old machine shop.

Tonight, for example, he had his Pumpkin Ale, IPA, his world famous E.S.B. and his most recent Oktoberfest available. Some folks, like Sue here, chose to put whipped cream on their Pumpkin Ale, which server Kenny said made it taste more like Pumpkin Pie. I'll take his word for it, but I had mine plain--and it was "slammin' !" (Of course, whenever I can sample Dave's classic IPA, I do, so that was first.)

And then I had his most recent edition of Oktoberfest. Dave's O-Fests have been excellent over many years, but this one was "bangin' "and the best he's ever made, IMHO. If I didn't know better, I'd think Dave was actually German.

He'll proffer his O-fest and a Pumpkin Porter at Artisan's Oktoberfest Dinner next Friday. That dinner, which is equally "slammin' and bangin' " still holds the distinction of being the best attended, most fun in the state. You can contact them for reservations, but The PubScout would suggest you hurry, as its particular brand of craziness sells out quickly.

Combining SuperChef Steve Farley's culinary wizardry, Hoffman's beer alchemy and the very pleasing presence of Artisan's Dirndl Beauties, the dinner holds the NJ record for attendees at 115.

Just a word of warning:
The emcee, who has been doing this for fourteen years, has decreed that while there will be levity galore, there will be no political jokes allowed. He says he's seen too many of them get elected. 

It should be a great night, what with great food, great beer, beautiful women and a real, live Oompah Band  combining to produce a memorable evening.

Call this number--(732) 244-7566 to reserve your spot! And get ready for a slammin, bangin' time!

The PubScout 

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