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Sunday, May 31, 2015

No More Working Late at the Office...

in Cranford, at least.

According to a tip from Beer Buddy Mike G., the former beer mecca will close its doors after 25 years today. In its place will come a casual pub called The Thirsty Turtle. No word as yet regarding an opening date.

The closing brings a nostalgic tear to The PubScout's eye for it was at the Cranford location that I met with and interviewed John Augustine in 1996. John, a former bouncer, became the head beer guy for all The Office restaurants, launching them into the beer spotlight as legitimate beer bars.

My story, From Bouncer to Boardroom, earned me an Honorable Mention at the North American Guild of Beer Writers Awards at the GABF in Denver.

So thanks for the memories, John and The Office. While its other facilities are still operating, those beer nuts from the Cranford pub will no longer be able to use "I was working late at The Office" as an excuse for coming home tardy.

Best wishes go to the new guys on the block, too. And though I will certainly make it a point to review the pub that will replace The Office, I'll have to find a new excuse.

"Sorry I'm late, dear. I was with The Thirsty Turtle," probably won't cut it.
Unless, of course, The Turtle is good enough keep me there a long time.

The PubScout

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