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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If You Want To Run With The Big Dogs...'ve got to get off the porch. 

I've written here before about my Down Under mate Kenneth Hart and his exciting business, The Thirsty Swagman. While you may be toiling away every day in some cubicle, Kenneth has a very unique job: he parties for a living.

Talk about "doing what you love."

Though we've never met in person, actually coming close when he was in NYC recently, there is definitely a connection. And now, because of that connection, my readers with a thirst for partying heartily can benefit.

Kenneth is inviting my readers (only Big Dogs) to join him and his zany, "zero-boring-sightseeing" crew on his fabulous Ale of Man Tour set for August. What's more, if you sign up and put in the code PUBSCOUT15, he'll knock 100 Euros off your fare as a trans-oceanic gesture of good will. That offer expires at the end of the month, so if you're planning to go, act now.

Bring your Party Self, your Selfie Stick and your camera phone and record history on the Ale of Man Tour. It's not likely to be something you'll forget.

And if you go, raise a pint for me with Kenneth. It may only be one of the sixteen he'll have on any given night, but he'll remember it, for sure.

The PubScout

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