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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looks Like Walt C. is the guy to beat...

Masskrugstemmen at the Racquets Club
The PubScout is a big fan of stein hoisting competitions at his dinners, and apparently it's a craze that's catching on.

Called Masskrugstemmen in Germany, it's a very popular event at many Oktoberfest celebrations.

And those of you with strong arms might want to win a trip to Munich for next year's competition. Check out the details at Sam Adams' site. Be advised that you'll have to input your age to get into it, but it looks like great fun.

There's a separate contest for the ladies, too. For what it's worth, I wouldn't mess with Joann M., either.

Check it out. You could be going to Munich!

Of course, it looks like the people at Sam Adams use real beer, too. They can afford to. My events use water. Watch the Steinshaming video while you're there.

I hate to see even a little bit of good beer spilled.
Worse, I hate the nasty comments onlookers make when I go to lap it up.

The PubScout

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