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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wir trinken noch mehr gute Bier?

Simply translated, the title above asks, "We're drinking more good beer?" And the answer to that question is a definite "I don't know." But we seem to be drinking less of some beers. Jim Koch, L. of Sam Adams fame, shared his beer theory with MSU's Kyle Stuber recently at Foley's Bar in NYC: "All beer is good; some beer is better." Apparently, some beer is just so-so.

My pal Al sent me this link about the "Nine beers Americans no longer drink," and it's quite interesting. Why the authors, who provide sales data, stopped at nine is open to question, but the nine they cite certainly have the stats (some cynics might add, the rep) to deserve admission to this, um, elite corps.
Starting with Number 9, the list ascends to the Number 1 beer that has lost the most market share. The PubScout will not spoil the fun by sharing that data here. It's only a click away, and it probably helps the stats of the authors.

Nor does The PubScout cast aspersions on those who may find their favorite brew on this list.  My mission is not to tell you what you should be drinking, but to apprise you of what--and where-- you could be drinking. Anyway, check out the link above for the info, and have some fun learning about which states in the US drink the most beer. You might be surprised to learn which state is Number 1, or that Jersey doesn't even make the cut, or that beer consumption is actually down in the US.

But if we're drinking better beer, it's a perfect example of the theory that "Less is More."

Cheers! The PubScout

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