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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Good Times at The Tilted Kilt

The Tilted Kilt in BrunswickSquare Mall in East Brunswick is a great pub for a variety of reasons. Outstanding food at reasonable prices, a great atmosphere and a  decent, (though not yet stellar)  beer selection. But lots of pubs can offer that.

What they can’t offer is Tilted Kilt gals, a bevy of beautiful, plaid-clad and very friendly lassies whose main purpose seems to make the clientele happy. What struck The PubScout about these women on his most recent Friday night visit was that their friendliness was genuine--neither contrived nor staged for effect. From our exceptional server Samantha to EVERY single TK girl who passed by our table, they all were willing to stop, chat and smile—despite being in the midst of bustling action. And “bustling” is a not a word chosen lightly, by either this writer nor the costume designer of the TK girls, as cleavage seems to be a high priority. Some have called the Tilted Kilt an Irish Hooters, and I say, “Fair enough.” I also say, “So?” And then I say, “Slainte!”

Pretty faces and cleavage, however, do not an efficient server make. Attentiveness, friendliness and getting the orders right do that, and these gals have that part down to a “T.” Their outgoing attitudes did not seem forced or fake in the least, and every one I spoke with said that they really enjoyed working in the place. One of the managers, a brunette stunner named Megan, was equally friendly. Not all managers are that way. In fact, some can be very stand-offish. But Megan was not.  That says the friendly attitude is imbued from the top down.

My table of Subscouts decided that Megan should be in a kilt, too, but when I informed her of their wishes, the affable lass allowed that she already had done that stint, and was now promoted. I’m guessing that formula produces not only good business for the place but healthy tips for the lasses, too, which is as it should be. To be a draw, a pub has to make the customer feel good about being there. The Tilted Kilt’s food and ambience do the former, and the TK gals handle the latter.

I took a crew of potential Subscouts there for a follow-up visit, just to see if their assesments matched my own.  To a man, they were all impressed and vowed to return. One, LS, said, “What a great place. Good food, great atmosphere, and cold beer. A great place to spend time with friends. Can't wait to go back!”  
And with 31 TV screens, something’s bound to arrest your attention. Another, ML, said, “It’s a happening place…always something to look at—besides the TV’s.” I think I caught his drift. Another, JQ upon entering and being greeted by the TK gals at the front desk, stopped dead in his tracks and loudly proclaimed the name of the holy fellow whose birthday we’ll celebrate on December 25. JQ was probably just in the Christmas spirit…

Now the big question: is this a guys only place? Absolutely not. On the night of our visit, there were plenty of distaff customers in attendance. Some, of course, may have been lured by the male servers in kilts, but I’m betting more were there because the Tilted Kilt is just a fun place to be. Is it a place for a quiet, romantic interlude, where perhaps a man might pop the question to his prospective bride? No.
But if it’s good food, great service and great pub-type atmosphere you’re looking for, the Tilted Kilt is your place.
Oh, and friendly eye candy doesn’t hurt either.

Cheers! The PubScout

Note: How does one become a Subscout? Simple. Buy The PubScout a beer!

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