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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Ends, 2013 Begins...So What?

There was a time in The PubScout's youthful life when he would go out at 10 PM to begin a night of revelry. Now, he's "out"--as in cold-- at 10 PM. As this year wound down, I asked myself how I would like to see its last daylight hours, since I very likely would not see the dark hours that always lead to a lit ball dropping in Times Square. Or lit people doing the same thing.

So I gathered up two of my three sons and a couple of buddies, Mike and Harvey, and made haste to The Tilted Kilt in East Brunswick for an afternoon session of burgers, brews and good, old-fashioned guy bonding.

The Kilt is a good place to do this, and I confess that although it's my fourth visit, I still find the pub--and the servers who staff it-- welcoming and genuine. That they are good looking and stunningly attired doesn't hurt. But their dress is not the reason I like it there. Men can be very temporal creatures. After all, I subscribed to the old Playboy magazine, but I only read it for the pictures.

We enjoyed hearty fare, cockle-warming brews, lots of laughs and the attention of that special breed of feminine pulchritude found in the Kilt Girls. As it was NYE afternoon, the pub wasn't seriously crowded, as it was Saturday when Subscout Gonzo paid a visit. Gonz allowed that even if someone lost their balance that night because of excessive consumption, they could not have fallen to the floor because there was no room to fall.
So we had the benefit of wholesome guy-bonding and a plethora of Kilt girls to dazzle with our increasingly witty repartee.

And to take pictures with.

Nobody got tanked, out of hand, loud, sloppy or rude to the Kilt gals. It was simply an afternoon of good cheer and good beer in a good pub with good people. Leaving the pub at 4 PM after three hours of convivial interaction, it dawned on me that we, at least, didn't require a special holiday, a clock or a descending disco-ball to tell us when to have a good time or to celebrate.
That opportunity comes to us all every day, as long as we have family and friends who want to share in the good times.

The PubScout takes this opportunity to wish you all such good fortune and good health.
Not just in 2013, but in every year on every day.

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