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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Uno’s Beer Dinners: Back ( in the High Life) Again

After a nearly eight-month hiatus, determined Uno’s Brewer Chris Percello and his committed Uno’s Brew Crew managed to resurrect what had been a successful staple of the Rt. 1 brewpub for the better part of 15 years. Assisted  by Rick Stype, Flying Fish beer rep, Percello and Co. proved that they haven’t lost their touch—and may, in fact, have become even more proficient. Meals and beers came out with military-like precision under the direction of Sergeant Lenny Giuliano, and used plates, glasses and silverware were removed just as efficiently.
And the food choices, well beyond what a regularly good Uno’s menu offers, were superb and thoroughly enjoyed by those who climbed back on board the Uno’s Beer Dinner Train last night.
The usual Fruit and Cheese plate, attractively arrayed (though not for long) was accompanied by two beer offerings. One was Chris’s standard 32-Inning Ale and the other was a very complex American Wheat in a keg, hopped with Citra and Galaxy hops. Both went well with the dish. The second course, made by Chef Percello himself, was a Creamy Dill and Cucumber Crostini, joined by Flying Fish’s XPA, and again the match worked very well. The third course was a Mixed Greens salad  with Strawberries and Feta (pictured), and it was paired with FF’s  delightful Farmhouse Summer Ale. The main course saw Pan Seared Chicken Breast topped with Chimichurri served with Grilled Asparagus, Wasabi Mash, and Corn on the Cob, and Rick Stype matched it up wonderfully with Flying Fish’s HopFish.
Perhaps the star of the show, though, was a variant on a beer that has been a staple at Uno’s since the tanks were assembled—the Gust N’ Gale Porter—but this time delivered on a smooth layer of raspberries. Chris’ experiment with the Raspberry Porter was a solid win, at least in this reviewer’s eyes, and my only regret is that my buddy Joe Skelly wasn’t on hand to sample it. For what it’s worth, Chris’s creation should be a regular offering, as this well made beer was exceptionally smooth and the raspberry was neither cloying nor overpowering. Debbie Wevers, Head Heck’s Angel of a local motorcycle group, allowed that she “does not like porters, but this is really good.” Paired with a  Cheesecake topped with White-Chocolate-Dipped Raspberries, it was a most fitting end to a most memorable feast.

In the end, it should be good news to local craft beer lovers that Uno’s dinners are back—big time. For that, we need to raise a glass to Chris and Crew, because if not for their diligence it might not have come to pass. On this day—which also happens to be his birthday—I therefore raise my glass to Chris Percello and the Uno’s Brew Crew.

More pics HERE!

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