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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jimmy D Fundraiser at Uno's

New Brunswick firefighter James D'heron unselfishly gave his own life to save fifteen people he did not even know in a fire some years ago. His family, led by daughter Erin, commemorates his sacrifice in various ways throughout the year, from the upcoming Jimmy D 5K Run set for September 2 in New Brunswick to an annual Jimmy D Firehouse Red Ale fete at New Brunswick's Harvest Moon Brewpub in January. Proceeds from these events are targeted for the Art Luf Children's Burn Camp, a favorite charity of Jimmy D.

Add now to that list a special fundraiser that will allow lovers of good beer and food to do their part--painlessly. Erin Varga is sponsoring a Jimmy D Fundraiser day on Thursday August 23 at Unos' Chicago Grill and Brewery on Rt. 1 near Menlo Park Mall. If you have the proper form, Uno's will donate up to 20% of your tab to the Cause.

That's doubly good, because Uno's Brewer Chris Percello tells us: "We will have our usual staples-- Bootlegger Blonde, Stationhouse Red, 32 Inning Ale, Ike's IPA, and Gust-n-Gale Porter.  Along with those we should have a bit of Double IPA left and will definitely have Hoppy American Wheat available.  Also, don't forget about Rainbarrel Rootbeer for those not indulging that evening."  

If you have Thursday, August 23 cleared on your calendar, block it in now. And raise a glass or twain to a true local American hero--Jimmy D'heron.

So why is there a picture of me with the Budweiser Clydesdales?
Because I like the picture. 
And the horses.
And that's all.

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