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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What a beer can can do...

No that isn't a double-word typo in the headline. But here's a good-humored link for those who might want to boost their wireless router range using a spent beer can. Supposedly increases the power by 2-4 bars, by the way.

I'm guessing it works with soda cans, too, but what sorry soul, given a choice of sugary, tooth-rotting pop or health-inducing, palate-pleasing Dale's Pale Ale would choose the former?

The nice thing, of course, is that the contents of the can cannot be in it when attempting this.

But you knew that, right?


Oh, and one other caution for any potential Darwin Award winners out there. Glass bottles do not work here.

Though they make far better musical instruments when empty.

Still, this idea is enough to prompt a visit to the local liquor locker to check out quality, canned craft beers. Hope it works!

Cheers! The PubScout


smccarth said...

Speaking of Dale's - did you hear they're going to be distilling whiskey in cans at OBs? Should be interesting. :)

Kurt Epps-The PubScout said...

Whiskey? In cans? That thudding sound you hear is the fainting of hundreds of thousands of whiskey purists.