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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Skyway Robbery

I had to fly to NC last week. If I didn't fly, it's a ten and a half hour drive from Jersey, which, as I get older, gets less and less appealing. So the relatively short flight--just over an hour from the Garden State--is a darned good deal, provided, of course, you know when to book it. If you don't and you're not made of money, the long ride seems like a smarter deal.

What doesn't resemble a deal in any way is what the airline (which shall remain nameless, though I suspect all of them are pricey in this regard) is the cost of enjoying a decent brew at 35,000 feet.

Here's an ad from the placard in front of my seat. I believe a person's beer choices are their own. Beer is not a snobby drink, and those who denigrate the choices of others violate that standing principle. Drink what you like.

But there's no way The PubScout would order the one on the far right at ANY price, and he'd have to be desperately thirsty on a flight far longer than an hour to order the one in the middle, the one on the far left is a damned good beer. And enjoying one while flying in the afternoon might have been a nice experience, despite the necessity of having to use the Sky-Loo afterwards.

But not at $7 a can. I mean, who do these airlines think they are--Pro sports stadia and/or concert venues? NYC high-end restaurants? Highwaymen? The IRS?

Nope. Sorry. I slid the placard back in its place, pulled my ball cap down over my eyes and took a nap until we touched down in NC. And the brewpub/brewery scene in that state is simply exploding, so there would be plenty of places at my final destination where my $7 could get at least two outstanding brews, like the one below.

As I age, there are fewer things worth waiting for--especially if there's a line.

But good beer is not among them.

The PubScout

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