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Saturday, July 11, 2015

"Candy Store" for Beer Nuts in NC

So, for the past five days, I find myself in hot, humid Huntersville, NC on a mission for my son who still needs a kidney transplant. The house where his intended donor and I are staying is blocks away from a place called Crafty Beer Guys.

Catchy, says I. And outward appearances make the joint look like a residential house. But you know what they say about outward appearances.

Because inside it's a candy store for beer nuts. Hundreds and hundreds of bottles of really fine craft beer, arranged from specialty beers to monster stouts, to monster porters and browns, to IPA's, pale ales, ciders and more line the walls. Pardon my digression, but if you're an IPA fan, try a large can of Ass Clown's Citra Ass Down, which clocks in at 8%. 

It's like exploring the home of a new friend, who, for a donation, will let you take his beer home. And it also has a bar where you can saddle up to ride some great brews from the fourteen taps while you're there. Samples are available.

So impressed was The PubScout on his first visit, that he has been back EVERY day since to pick up some excellent beers for consumption in the home of our gracious hostess, Tammy. A dizzying array of twelve ouncers, bombers and more beg for investigation--and eventually adoption.

I swore I would come back to do a story on this place, hoping to include commentary from the principals, but I get distracted and just wind up carting out some great beers to consume at "home."

I will eventually get back there and back to "business," but I can't promise when. In the meantime, satisfy your curiosity by check ing out their various online presences here, here and here.

The prices are reasonable, all things considered, and the staff is most accommodating. Though the PubScout is a big fan of air-condtioning in NC's 90ยบ humidity during the summer, I saw lots of folks gathered outside at the picnic tables enjoying their favorite brews at this dog-friendly place. I'm told that many will walk to a cafe two blocks away, order take-out and then transport it directly to the Home of the Crafty Beer Guys.

Because, at bottom, it's a lot like going to a friend's house for a casual getogether. AND your friend has a serious bar, as well as a serious collection of beers. If you bring your dog, I assume you stay outside.

Because you shouldn't be giving man's best friend candy--or candi sugar.
That's reserved for you.

The PubScout

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