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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Captain Craic and Crew Taken Over at Hailey's

Captain Craic with his Magic Shillelagh
If you ever wanted to know why Hailey's Harp & Pub in Metuchen is doing a land office business, look no farther than Captain Craic--aka Chris Flynn--and his Maven of Malt, Moshe Atzbi.

From Beer Senates to bus rides to major beer happenings like the one that occurred last night at the pub with the Southern Tier Tap Takeover, they keep the joint alive as a destination for fun.

And their faithful customers love every minute of it, packing the place nightly. NJ Transit passengers getting off at Metuchen have just a 100-foot walk after leaving the train to enjoy a real Irish pub experience.

Malt Maven Moshe and guests

Southern Tier's Robert Muscatello, along with sidekicks Leila Mezaber and Brian Abry brought some of the Lakewood, NY brewery's outstanding beers to the taps, and even had other notables available for tasting at a separate table.

On tap were Sonnet, Tangier, Gemini and a special Mokah from 2014. On the table were Compass, Unearthly and Creme Brûlée. The PubScout, accompanied by his sons Cody and Kacy and NJ's own supermarket guru Matt Casey, enjoyed all of them, but was particularly taken with Sonnet and the 2014 Mokah. Beer Nuts Marc Lobur, Natalie Lay and Eugene Tawiah were also bellied up to the bar.
Robert, Leila and Brian

Moshe also made a batch of wings using the Mokah, and they were excellent. But that's not surprising, considering Moshe's talents in the kitchen.

Prizes were awarded by Leila who had earlier distributed free raffle tickets, with the usual cries of "shake 'em up!" ringing through the pub. 

Cody, Natalie and Kaz

But a rousing good time was had by all, for sure. 
And that's not surprising either, considering who commands the Good Ship Hailey's.

The PubScout

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