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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PFP at WOB with SA for ACBW

Kaz toasts to good health!
Huh? What are those acronyms? Read the next sentence, and see if you can figure them out for yourself.

As far as the PubScout is concerned, every week is American Craft Beer Week, and he certainly doesn't need an excuse to visit the World of Beer in New Brunswick, especially on a night dedicated to a great cause-- Pints for Prostates. And he needs no special prodding to drink Sam Adams fine beers, of which there were eight very special examples on tap.
Got it? Thought so.
Go pour yourself a quality beer as a reward.

The Grumpy Monk was in the house...
And apparently my sentiments were shared by a large, raucous beer-loving crowd, as the WOB was filled and hopping last night.
WOB owner Kelly Andre, Shore Point Distributor Wizard Gary Rosen and peripatetic Sam Adams Rep Brandon (his last name, like his beer preference, is classified information) combined their talents and good offices to do three things: promote good beer, spread the word about early testing for prostate cancer and raise money for a great beer-cause--Pints for Prostates.

The PubScout and Gary Rosen
With generous charitable donations from WOB, Sam Adams and Shorepoint, and a host of goods available for purchase by customers--with all proceeds going to PFP, the event was a fitting example of what folks in the craft beer business do far more frequently than people know--they give back.

Last night's deal for purchase of items was simple: go pick up what you like, then give a donation to the cause--you choose the amount.

Donors examine the merchandise

So enjoy that beer you poured yourself. And if you're a male older than 40, get tested. If there's a male over 40 you care about, tell them to get tested. Because--no joke-- early detection is a lifesaver. Take it from one who has been there.
There aren't many life moments more unsettling than when your doctor says, "You have cancer" in any form. But prostate cancer has an exceptional recovery record in many cases if detected early.

And because this is my blog, I can put in a plug for some very special people at a very special place that oversaw my journey to recovery: The ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, NJ.

Get tested.
Because survivors get to drink more beer...

True dat...
The PubScout

Check out Gary Rosen's welcoming speech here!

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