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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Take a Break at Patriot's Crossing

One of the many joys of riding a motorcycle in western NJ is finding a good pub at which to take a break and shake your booty a bit. One of my favorite spots is on Rt. 29 in Titusville, NJ just across the river from Washington's Crossing PA. It's called Patriot's Crossing.

Patriot's Crossing Pub
After 75 miles on two wheels on a beautiful Saturday, I needed three things: lunch, a good beer and a bathroom, and not necessarily in that order. (A bouncing motorcycle does predictably strange things to a geezer's bladder.)
Patriot's Crossing has all those amenities, and if you're lucky enough to catch Jen behind the bar, listen to her recommendations for beer and food.

'Twas she who suggested the Victory DirtWolf DIPA to me, and though I usually prefer malty over hoppy, there was a sincerity in her voice that prompted me to acquiesce. I am glad I did.
The DirtWolf was very nearly perfect in every aspect of the style, and it was served at precisely the right temperature. When considering what to eat, Jen asked if I liked wings, and when I indicated in the affirmative, she patiently explained the subtleties and nuances of each offering--and there were many.

I finally settled on "Garlic Chili" wings at Jen's suggestion (without the bread crumbs, also at her suggestion), and the choice was fabulous. Not hot at all but deliciously sweet, the wings matched up superbly with the DirtWolf.
Had I not been on two wheels, I might have stayed for a second Wolf, but at 8.7% ABV, that's not a chance I'm willing to take.

Patriot's Crossing is  a neat place in a neat location. Situated directly on the canal, there's an outdoor dining area that is sure to please in pleasant weather.

In addition to Washington's Crossing State Parks in both Jersey and PA, the pub is not far from New Hope, PA, or Lambertville, NJ, both favorite tourist spots. And both are packed with them on sunny weekends, which could make for long wait times at pubs and restaurants in those towns.

The solution? Patriot's Crossing. Get your DirtWolf--as well as some other outstanding beers-- and your wings (mine cost a total of $12.79), fill your belly and then head up to do the tourist thing.

Cheers! The PubScout

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BeerGuru said...

Kurt. Good to know about. Well located if you are biking the path, etc. Dirt Wolf was a suprise hit for me as well - it is a terrible name for a product though!