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Monday, November 11, 2013

Bring all five senses!

Paul Mulshine and The PubScout

Blind tastings--not really "blind" in the literal sense, since you need your eyes-- ask you to evaluate beers without knowing what beer you are drinking. You evaluate them based upon four standards: Color, Nose, Mouthfeel and Taste. A brief primer in evaluating beer will be given by a famous beer writer, who will also tell you why the fifth sense is required.

Tomorrow night at The Office in Bridgewater, attendees will declare the winners in a blind taste test. There will be ten beers, munchies, giveaways and fun, all for a paltry $14 per.

Kaz, Jim Koch and The PubScout
Come get into the Craft Beer surge. Jim Koch of Sam Adams says, "All beer is good; some beer is better."

We'll find out which ones are which tomorrow night!

The PubScout

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