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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pints for Prostates Packs the Pub

Megan and Kathy
Some folks, like yours truly, had to park two blocks away from Molly Maguire's Blackpoint Inn, what with River Rd. and the Municipal lot filled to capacity.
But the walk to the packed pub was certainly worth the reward. Four outstanding Ommegang beers with accompanying cheeses, standing room at the bar, open mic night, Steve Farley in the kitchen, Megan and owner Kathy Maguire at the door to greet you--what's not to like?

Chris, Justin and Mike

Chris, Justin and Mike (Mustard) DeJohn, Belgian yeast devotees all, enjoyed Ommegang Gnomegang (The outstanding collaboration beer with La Chouffe) and Biere D' Hougoumont (a malty, delicious  biere de garde) in the welcoming atmosphere of what a pub is supposed to feel and sound like.

Of course, Ommegang Rep Megan Maguire (no relation) also had Hennepin and Art of Darkness on hand, as well as official Game of Thrones/Ommegang glassware and a very cool Game of Thrones keychain for supporters of Pints for Prostates.

Megan Maguire

It is said you learn something new every day. Yesterday I learned the names of two cheeses I never knew existed: Munster Gerome and Humboldt Fog.
I also learned that Ommegang and Shore Point Distributors are actively involved in supporting Pints for Prostates, a cause worth supporting--and even better when supported with good beer, good people and in good pubs.

Like it says at the top of this blog.

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