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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cask and Ask (to donate)

As reported here previously, Uno's big, bold cask Ale Fest will come to town on Saturday Noon. If you plan to come (and what Beer Nut in his right mind wouldn't, given that menu?), print out this form to bring along. There are four so you can give one to each of your besties, too.
Presenting this when your bill comes will automatically send 20% of your entire tab to the James D'heron Memorial Foundation. Jimmy D lost his life saving fifteen people he didn't know in a New Brunswick fire some years ago. Jimmy D's foundation, overseen by his leprechaun-like daughter Erin, supports the Art Luf Children's Burn Camp in Connecticut.
So it's not only a chance to sample some exceptional Cask Ales, you can actually do some good for others in the process.
See you there!

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