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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Say Tomato, I say, "Shower?"

My Down Under Beer pal Kenneth Hart--aka the Thirsty Swagman-- is world-renowned for his over-the-top beer ventures. They are weeks' long tributes to beer and the party lifestyle, usually attended by the Young and the Beautiful, like his sidekick Tash Marti. 
He graciously invited yours truly to attend one of his Oktoberfest Bacchanals, but , so far, logistics have prevented my attendance. Those logistics may just be my self-preservation drive kicking into high gear, if photos like the one above are any indication. If you fancy yourself a beer drinker, a party animal, and, in this case, a lover of tomatoes you'll want to check out this next trip.

Warning: This trip is for the Big Dogs. Small dogs may want to stay on the porch.

Spain Pub Tour (25 Aug - 3 Sep, 2012)

Get ready for an incredible pub tour through Spain, incl. La Tomatina 2012.

You'll kick off your adventure in Barcelona, Spain's hottest nightlife destination.

Then it's off to Valencia incl. a day at the world famous La Tomatina festival held in neighbouring Buñol.

Finally, the world's most famous party island awaits you: Ibiza, the Mediterranean equivalent to Rio.

5-star VIP bus, flights from Valencia to Ibiza, 3-star accommodation throughout, with no early wake-ups... and absolutely zero boring sightseeing!

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Valencia / Buñol, Spain
3. Ibiza, Spain

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