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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Win a beer on The PubScout

Around this festive time of the beer, it seems that every beer writer/blogger and his brother comes out with a list of their 12 Beers of Christmas. If you don't believe me, google the term.

Not to throw a wet blanket on the burning peat moss, but The PubScout has a better idea (though it, too, may be far from new). Let's have the followers of the PubScout's blog do the picking.

That's right. Beer is not an elite beverage, reserved only for the gods and beerscribes. It's the drink of the average joe, and nobody knows what the average joe likes better than Joe himself.
So, Joe, try some winter beers between now and December 13, and send your selections to me at Include a brief statement (50 words) as to why this beer will be one of your Christmas favorites. Of course, using the four senses in your descriptions will help us all to decide if we're buying or trying your choice. And one general guideline is that your choice SHOULD be, as near as possible, a beer that qualifies as a "Winter" beer. That includes tripels and quadrupels as well as stouts, spiced beers, blends, lambics, barleywines and others. Experiment, explore and explain!

If your choice makes the bloglist, to be published starting December 14, you've got a beer coming on The PubScout. We'll arrange to meet, either en masse or singly, and quaff and toast the Advent, the Holiday Season and the coming New Year.

(Since the Mayans say this is the last one we'll celebrate, we might as well do it up.)

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