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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

American Kriek

If you're a lambic fan, this is one you absolutely have to try. It's Sam Adams American Kriek, made with these special cherries called Balaton cherries. Native to Hungary (and apparently, the Hungarians know as much about cherries as they do about cuss words), this stock was transplanted to Michigan, and the result is exceptional. I believe the Spartans at Michigan State had something to do with their horticultural history, giving me another reason to like the result.

Not overly sweet or tart, there is just enough hint of deep, rich cherry flavor to make this a most appealing beer. Far better than SA's Cherry Wheat, in my humble opinion (though that beer has a valued place in summer after a lawn-mowing exercise), this is a beer that should be on everyone's Thanksgiving table. It should complement everything you put out. I had mine with a turkey and swiss sandwich, but it worked wonderfully, turning a mundane meal into something very special.

So it will appear on my Thanksgiving table...but only at my end.

Cheers! The PubScout

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