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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oktoberfest with an Irish twist

It was kind of like being at the UN.
An Irish pub, an Italian chef, a Jewish chef/biermeister and an American Indian emcee.

But unlike the UN, there was no rancor at all. Plenty of good food, good beer, good company and good times were the order of the night. No one--but no one-- left hungry, and many took home multiple "doggie bags" as well as a special beer glass. Of course, each person had to answer an amazingly difficult trivia question to get theirs, but all came through with flying colors.

The Central Jersey Motorcycle Riders Group showed up, but they caused no trouble at all, since they weren't in their "colors." Actually a pretty docile group, and more like Heck's Angels than Hell's Angels, they were the liveliest group this night.

Also on hand was Climax Brewmeister Dave Hoffman and his bride. Dave had two of his fabulous beers on the menu this night--Hailey's Ale and his outstanding Oktoberfest. Check out the photos on the right to find faces of those you may know.

Shouts of "Sociable!" and choruses of Ein Prosit Der Gemutlichkeit reverberated through the Metuchen pub which has become a mainstay on Main Street in the Brainy Boro. Reaching out to a diverse clientele with beer dinners, whiskey dinners and other events, Hailey's Harp and Pub is reaping the benefits of a more aware drinking audience.

Not to mention a place where everybody is "Sociable!"

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