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Friday, October 7, 2011

Hoolie sans Poolie

The Kilkenny House is back! From a notice on Facebook, I learned that Barry O'Donovan and the crew were opening up tonight, so I hied myself thither to see the rebirth of one of my favorite places. No food was served (that starts tomorrow), but the Kilkenny faithful just kept pouring in, just like the floodwaters from Hurricane Irene did some weeks ago. Barry and his crew were much happier with this latest flood, for sure. The taps were pouring, too, and the crowd was definitely in a party mood.

The fixtures, like Damien and Michelle, were all back in place, and it sure did a body good to see that Kilkenny spirit back in full vigor. Given the pictures we saw of the flood's devastation, the fact that the place is back up and running is nothing short of remarkable. Check out the pics to the right.

Just goes to show what that good old Irish stubbornness can do.

Proof positive that you can't keep a good man--or his pub--down.

Cheers to Kilkenny House!

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