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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

“Wir Trinken Gutes Bier!”

By Kurt Epps—the PubScout

The big crowd at Uno's would respond in unison when asked, "Was machst du denn hier?" Of course, as the night wore on the chant would become somewhat more raucous and perhaps a bit juxtaposed, but it signified that a good time was had by all who attended Mike Sella's Uno's-OktoberFest last evening .

Moshe the Barman once again used his passion for cooking and his culinary expertise to fashion a menu that was traditionally German—a delicious beer-cooked wurst in cabbage, an incredible apple-leek soup, an interesting and remarkable salad, a Jagerschnitzel mit Spaetzle to die for and an Apfel Strudel to blow your noodle.

The beers were mostly marzen with Brooklyn, Spaten, Flying Dog and Uno's Oktoberfest all complementing their respective dishes beautifully. Mike's 32- inning Ale and Porter finished out the lineup. The Spaten and the Flying Dog each had their diehard devotees, and Mike's O-fest, made this year with a lager yeast, also drew much praise.

The convivial crowd tolerated the twisted humor of yours truly, competed for Lenny's carefully selected prizes and sang numerous refrains of Ein Prosit after Moshe introduced each of his dishes. This dinner saw many first-time beer dinner guests, too, and they all came away with high praise for the event. Jill and Linda, for example, won the hearts of all the men in the room, except for Leo who sat with a girl from St. Pauli all night.

But no matter. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came away with full bellies and satisfied smiles. That's probably why Mike's beer dinners have recently been sold out. No word yet on when the next one will be, but the timing indicates a target date somewhere around the holidays.

Anyway, check out the photos of the event here. You may comment on them (keep it respectable), download them to your computer for distribution or even order prints.

Cheers till next time!

The PubScout

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