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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Raising a Few to The Bard

Uno's Brewmaster Mike Sella
There were some outstanding beers flowing from the casks yesterday at Uno's on Rt. 1 in Metuchen. Of course, if you'd been reading this space in the past week, you'd have been duly alerted.

But in case you weren't, or worse, missed the event, here's just a sample of what you missed.

Dave Hoffman's Maibock...malty, balanced and dead-on style, and at 6.7% close enough for me to have been a session beer. This German kid knows how to make German beers.

Mike Sella's IPA with Azacca Hops from the hand pump. A mouth and cheek puckerer's delight, infused with that special intense citrus profile only the Azacca hop provides. The Haitian God of Agriculture would have approved. Dark City had an offering, somewhat lighter in color and mouthfeel, that was dry-hopped with Azacca as well.

Kane's Evening Bell
Kane's Evening Bell, a really top-flight American porter, at least in this reviewer's opinion, laced with notes of toffee, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. You can enjoy it any time of day, not just in the evening.

Demented's Greed, a smooth and tasty Oatmeal Stout using cinnamon (noticeable, yet not overpowering) and raisins. You'll get more pleasure from this beer by using olfaction/retro-olfaction techniques for sure, but even if you don't, it's a solid brew.

The Pubscout didn't get to enjoy Kane's Head High hopped with Galaxy, or Cypress's 17 Mile IPA with Mango and Habanero, but others in my bar vicinity expressed very positive opinions about them.
Wm. Shakespeare

It appears that this semi-annual event (begun by Mike Sella sometime in 1564 after Shakespeare's birthday) is a crowd favorite, as beer drinkers and brewers from around the area were on hand to sample beers from other breweries as well as their own.

I will be sure to apprise you of the next one. 

To be [there] or not to be [there]...that is the question. 
Guess which answer I choose...

The PubScout

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