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Friday, April 29, 2016

Hello, Goodbye, Hello!

After seven very successful years using blogger, I have made a new website here. And clicking on that link will take you to the very first post I've created. It will also tell you why I made the move if you care to know. But I raise a glass to this wonderful site and what it has enabled me to do.

There's a link on the New Page called "The Old Site" that will bring you back here if you need to go through the archives on the right side of this page. After seven years there were far too many to transfer, and I felt it would be easier to just come back here, where they are organized by date.

In addition to a page where you can read my blogs as they are posted, the new site features a Gallery of My Beer Buddies, past and present, and yours may be in there. It also has a page where you can recommend new pubs, beer bars, brewpubs or microbreweries to visit. 

Additionally, there's an Instagram feed where you can check out my quick reviews of whatever beer I'm drinking "at the moment," and an Events page where you can quickly reference where Beer Dinners and Festivals will be taking place. If you are not on my blast email list and want to be notified of new posts, there's a section that will allow you to contact me to be included.

I hope you visit often and enjoy The PubScout as you have always done. See you at my new place!

The PubScout

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