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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Exclusive! Chris Flynn's Epic "Thank You" Speech!

If you haven't heard by now, Hailey's Harp and Pub has garnered a coveted spot in the annals of Pub Popularity!

In a recent contest run by, Chris Flynn's Main St. Metuchen Pub was named as one of the FIVE best pubs in NJ! Even more impressive, Hailey's was the #1 Pub in Middlesex County!

So it was that The Zany Wizard of Main Street decided to show his appreciation to his loyal customers (yours truly being one) with a hearty, Pre-Super Bowl welcome launched earlier today.

Knowing his Irish heritage and its concomitant penchant for garrulousness, and knowing Flynn's blessed gift for verbal expression, I arranged to attend the gala event, slated for noon. I walked in to the crowded pub at 12:01 only to be informed by the proprietor that his speech had already concluded.

"You missed my speech," was his greeting.

Wait. What? It was ONE minute after his scheduled start time!

As a special favor to me, he offered to reprise his epic speech, designed to express his deepest appreciation to his faithful patrons. So I whipped out my handy iPhone, ready to record what was sure to be a memorable Churchillian homily, stentorian in delivery.

OK, Chris! let it fly!

"Thank you," said Chris.

I waited for more. But that was it.

Thank you. Friggin' THANK YOU?

"Yeah. It's my customers who make this place what it is, and I wanted to say thanks to them."

Sigh. I should have anticipated his reticence, given the way he usually avoids photos like Dracula does mirrors.

So I suppose there's only one thing his loyal customers can say to a speech like that:



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